[fpc-announce]1.9.2 aka 2.0.0 Beta-2 is out

Florian Klaempfl Florian.Klaempfl at gmx.de
Tue Jan 13 13:13:13 CET 2004

As you may have noticed on the FPC website, Free Pascal 1.9.2, which is
the second beta of the upcoming FPC 2.0.x series, is available.

Compared with 1.9.0 there are a lot of bug fixes as well as some new 
features like register calling for i386 or a powerpc compiler. For more 
information about the new stuff see below.

You can download 1.9.2 from the well known FPC ftps
(http://www.freepascal.org/sdown.html) or if they are overloaded, the
1.9.2 release is available at SourceForge as well

 From the whatsnew.txt:

                       Whats New in 1.9.2 aka 2.0.0-Beta2

   + PowerPC compiler
   + sse/sse2 code generation support
   + "global" property support
   * improved inlining support
   * optimizer enabled again
   * uses register calling conventions by default
   * $fputype directive
   + properties of type single can have default values
   + support of $IF DECLARED()
   + support of DQWORD in inline intel assembler code
   * a lot of bug fixes

   * more improvements for unix runtime library
   * using FPC_USE_LIBC allows to compile an rtl which uses libc instead 
of syscalls
   + System.Initialize
   + Sysutils.ExecuteProcess
   + System.WideStringManager
   + System.PtrInt and System.PtrUInt
   * ipv6 support
   * lots of bug fixes

   + sqlite support
   * bug fixes

   * improved docs


The Free Pascal developement team

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