[fpc-announce]Free Pascal Contributed units modified entry. (Webutils)

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Thu Apr 15 06:24:18 CEST 2004

The following entry in the Free Pascal contributed units was modified:

Name         : Webutils
Author       : Cristian Kleuser
Email        : ckleuser at hotmail.com
Homepage     : http://www.bioglobal.brturbo.com/webutils/index.html
FTP site     : http://www.bioglobal.brturbo.com/download/webtools-1.0b.tar.gz
Version      : v1.0b
Date         : 2004-04-15
Category     : Internet
Supported OS : All
Description  :
Webutils is a UNIT for interact between the webserver and the user via web browser. You can write programs that use the POST method in a very simple way. You can link databases and threat all the POST data with a variety of procedures and functions that really turns your life easier. Every data is connected to the UNIT via CGI. You have to write your webpages using POST method in your forms. You can do everything that is in your mind via web, linking database and other useful utilities. All the POST data are saved in a Constant called QUERY_STRING of AnsiString type.

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