[fpc-announce]New entry in Free Pascal Contributed units. (integers.inc)

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Mon Oct 27 18:19:24 CET 2003

The following entry was added to the Free Pascal contributed units:

Name         : integers.inc
Author       : Jan Bruns
Email        : post at abnuto.de
Homepage     : http://www.abnuto.de/jan/code/index.html
FTP site     : http://www.abnuto.de/jan/code/integers.tar
Version      : 0
Date         : 2003-10-27
Category     : Miscellaneous
Supported OS : Any
Description  :
INT8,INT16,INT24,INT32,INT48,INT64, UINTs of same size, all available with suffixes _HILO and _LOHI to indicate exact representation. 
Nice when having to deal with such conversions. 

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