[fpc-announce]Free Pascal Contributed units modified entry. (screen)

contribs at freepascal.org contribs at freepascal.org
Thu Oct 31 06:23:43 CET 2002

The following entry in the Free Pascal contributed units was modified:

Name         : screen
Author       : Karpel Michael
Email        : mdikm at hotmail.com
Homepage     : http://mdikm.fresh.li/
FTP site     : http://mdikm.fresh.li/downloads/SCREEN.pas
Version      : 2.1
Date         : 31/10/02
Category     : Graphics
Supported OS : GO32V2
Description  :
Easy to use standard (80X25) text screen handeling unit , includes procedures as direct char put and more alike

Updated My Web Site so expect no problems downloading :-)

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