Stefan Ziegenbalg stefan.ziegenbalg at mailbox.tu-dresden.de
Wed Nov 13 21:02:20 CET 2002


For those who don't like the resource string approach for gettext, I
wrote a procedural solution: pgettext. It consists in the unit pintl
which provides C like gettext support (bindtextdomain, (d)gettext, ...)
and utilities:

* pgtupdate: searches new msgid's in Pascal sources and appends them to
   a .po file (updates a .po file)
* pgtspell: spell checks a .po file (msgstr and msgid's, msgid's are
   also corrected in the sources if necessary)
* pgtsrcspell: spell checks msgid's in the sources

The utilities are OS independent, the unit pintl requires gettext (fcl)
and linux, that means it should run under Unixes supported by
Freepascal. (Porting to other OS's requires only minor changes -- if it
makes sense)

The site:

Regards Stefan

mailto:stefan.ziegenbalg at mailbox.tu-dresden.de

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