[fpc-announce]Free Pascal Contributed units modified entry. (object-oriented fast graphics unit,can work winthout screen device on any i386 system)

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Sun Dec 15 21:01:33 CET 2002

The following entry in the Free Pascal contributed units was modified:

Name         : object-oriented fast graphics unit,can work winthout screen device on any i386 system
Author       : Dmytry Lavrov
Email        : dmytry_lavrov2 at mail.ru
Homepage     : http://www.dmytry_lavrov.chat.ru
FTP site     : ftp://
Version      : 0.9
Date         : 10/18/02
Category     : Graphics
Supported OS : go32v2,win32 DX runable
Description  :
Graphical part of this unit runable on ANY i386 system.
Screen device part runable on go32v2,buggy on win32.
Graphical part may be used alone for preparing images(for example,in cgi scripts).
+/- :
graph part:
+Reenterable code,for multitasking.
+Hook for readln/writeln(does not interfere with IO redirection(not as in CRT)). 
+10 write modes supported.
+scale images
+newer suspend on flood filling.
+Very fast,time critical code(line,hline,filling,put/get image,scale image,draw char,etc) writen in assembly and does not call to putpixel(x,y) routine(and does not calculate multiplication for each pixel).
+drawing in ANY RAM (on the heap,or on the screen,or on the area of screen).You can make so many instances of graph object,as you need,and connect one instance to the area on another,connect to the screen,or to the heap.This will not take time for calling from one instance to another-all will be drawed directly.
+runable on any i386 system.
screen device part:
+portable mode selection by user, calling \"initscreen(-640,-480,8)\" shows list of suported modes with W>=640, H>=480, B=8bit and ask \"select mode\".
calling \"initscreen(0,0,32)\":all supported 32bit modes.

+very fun drawing in text modes :-)

You can download my examples and see speed.
Help wanted,i don\'t know win32 api.

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