[fpc-announce]Free Pascal Contributed units modified entry. (gdkpixbuf)

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Fri Apr 26 17:49:24 CEST 2002

The following entry in the Free Pascal contributed units was modified:

Name         : gdkpixbuf
Author       : Andrew Johnson
Email        : AJ_Genius at Hotmail.com
Homepage     : http://AJGenius.0Catch.com
FTP site     : http://AJGenius.0Catch.com/gdkpixbuf.tar.gz
Version      : 1.0.3
Date         : 4/26/02
Category     : Miscellaneous
Supported OS : Linux FreeBSD
Description  :
A conversion of the GDKPixbuf library, for image loading and rendering. To my knowledge includes everything from the original headers, even the gnome canvas supprt, though that is disabled by default since there is no gnome package for fpc, and gnomefpc does not yet support gnome canvases. It also includes a port of the pixbufdemo example program which comes with gdkpixbuf. All know issues have been fixed in the current version, which should work with 0.11.X-0.16.x versions of the library. The library can now be used in one of 4 modes: GDK, GDK with GTK(aka TGDKPixbufLoader), GDK with GTK and GNOME( aka TGnomeCanvasPixbuf), and XLIB. I tried using both XLIB and GDK simultaneously, however I was unable to transfer images between them, so having both enabled is pointless, and thus I added several defines to disable everything else if XLIB is enabled. GDK with GTK is the default mode.

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