[fpc-announce]New entry in Free Pascal Contributed units. (MyPasDoc)

contribs at freepascal.org contribs at freepascal.org
Fri Apr 27 12:19:33 CEST 2001

The following entry was added to the Free Pascal contributed units:

Name         : MyPasDoc
Author       : Matthias Hanisch
Email        : reallyinsane at gmx.de
Homepage     : 
FTP site     : http://www.zeus.rug.ac.be//freepascal/files/contrib/pasdoc.zip
Version      : 2a
Date         : 27/04/01
Category     : Miscellaneous
Supported OS : GO32V2(100%),WIN(should be)
Description  :
This tool creates HTML-file out of your source code.
Special comment markers are used to create unit-description files,const,var,type-sites and
object sites where fields, constructors, destructors and methods are explained.

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