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Thomas Schatzl tom_at_work at yline.com
Sun Sep 10 14:57:36 CEST 2000

Hello all,

    there have been a bunch of updates of my source code on my site.

This is an announcement for:

CPU package

The CPU package is a free powerful cpu detection / timing unit featuring
microsecond resolution.

News for rel2rev11:
* Full compatibility for the following pascal compilers/target platform:
- Delphi 3+: Windows (Delphi 2 with slight changes; due to D2 compiler
- Free Pascal: Linux, OS/2, GO32, Windows32
- Virtual Pascal: DPMI32, Windows32, OS/2.
* lots of documentation additions
* multiprocessor aware on FPC/Win32 platform
* accuracy improvement on FPC/Win32 platform

* Full multiprocessor awareness for all compiler / platform targets
* Virtual Pascal / Linux port

Be sure to check out docupd.txt for latest news in the main directory as
well as the documentation itself.

DIRECTX header translation

Latest DirectX header translations for the Free Pascal compiler. It is based
on the DirectX 7.0a header translation from Erik Unger from 30. July 2000.

News for rel0rev9:
* Includes all DirectX parts except DirectMusic due to FPC limitations
(Direct3D, Direct3DRM, DirectDraw, DirectInput, DirectPlay, DirectSetup,
* Seven DirectDraw sample programs
* A readme which contains instructions how to port existing C/C++ code.

* Some more examples for all DirectX parts - I'd gladly appreciate any help
here; I'll set up a dedicated 'DirectX Corner' on my site if there's enough

Please read the readme file.

DPMI package

This is a Free Pascal API to the GO32 DPMI functions.

News for rel1rev11:
* slight documentation changes
* all example programs work with 'pure' DOS again ;)
* 'near pointer' mapping is now more Win 2000 friendly
* new directory structure, makefile support
* some docs about go32 portability
* needs recent CPU package
* all examples work without direct mode assembly, no 'hacks' anymore

Readme file / short installation guide

MEMORY package

MEMORY is a general purpose memory copying / memory effects encorporating
MMX / SSE library for the Free Pascal compiler.

* fast masked memory transfers with key value, bit mask and byte mask
* 'scaled' memory transfers
* mirrored memory transfers

everything for use with 15/16/32 bits per pixel styled graphics memory.

Get all that stuff at my homepage at

I added some links to probably interesting sites too.

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In hope it works for you as well as it does for me,

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