[fpc-pascal] FPJSONRTTI: Case insensitive.

silvioprog silvioprog at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 18:23:15 CET 2013


I have this JSON:

{ "id": 1, "name": "Silvio Cl=E9cio" }

And my object is:

TPerson =3D class
  FID: Int64;
  FName: string;
  property ID: Int64 read FID write FID;
  property Name: string read FName write FName;

But, FPJSONRTTI don't find the fields, except if I change my class to:

  property id: Int64 read FID write FID;
  property name: string read FName write FName;

Or my JSON to:

{ "ID": 1, "Name": "Silvio Cl=E9cio" }

So, how to I find all fields but in case insensitive? (like TypInfo

Thank you!

ps. Marshal of Delphi is case insensitive.

ps2. So, I send this my questions only to fpc-devel or fpc-pascal? :/

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Silvio Cl=E9cio
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