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I beg to differ. Read Niklaus' work on why he created Pascal: two objectives stand out : readability and ease-of-compiling. He wrote explicitly he wanted a language he could easily write his compiler in...

Sorry rigidity is not part of the original Pascal mandate. Look at Modula and the more recent Active Oberon language, you'll see objects are not in contradiction with those goals that Niklaus had. Units neither. Generics neither. Pointer (typed) neither. 

Anonymous functions (or anonymous whatever) is another debate: as i wrote previously, if you can't name it, you can't design it... Pascal is all about good design, visible in the code, readable. 90% of the time a developer reads code, usually somebody else's. This is a well-known statistic. If Pascal optimizes my reading time, I'm all for it! If the new features conform to the readability and ease-of-compiling principles, then go for it! We shouldn't dwell on the Pascal of the early 1970's. I'm fed up of seeing comparisons of 2012 C++ with 1970 Pascal... 

Keep up the good work, fpc team!
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Ralf A. Quint wrote
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>>They are IMHO a negation of what pascal stands for. If your programming
> +1

Well, the same should be told about everything modern pascal is.

Open and dynamic arrays, pointer math, objects, generics, even units.
It was all breaking the initial Pascal strictness and rigidness.

Because what was counted "large blocks" deserving their own explicit naming
back then - now seems trivial small detail.

Generics are alien to Pascal no more no less than closures.

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