[fpc-pascal] Re: Delphi's anonymous functions in Free Pascal

Sven Barth pascaldragon at googlemail.com
Thu Aug 30 08:37:42 CEST 2012

Am 29.08.2012 22:56 schrieb "Arioch" <AriochThe at gmail.com>:
> Surely 1949-styled Pascal can not make all that features 1st citizens.
> The question is how much and in what style of compromise can be
> Generics were also heresy for original Pascal. But they are implemented,
> some in Delphi and to some seemingly less extent in FPC as well.
> While i pity divergence of syntaxes between Delphi and FPC generics, i
> strangle would not pity if FPc finally implement
> lambdas/closures/anonymous-methods in non-Delphi style.
> Since Delphi style is so Pascalish, that it heavily limits their practical
> use.

I don't know whether you tested recent versions of FPC, but since 2.6.0 the
support for Delphi compatible generics improved, though generic
functions/methods and constraints are still missing.

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