[fpc-pascal] Linker speed

Rainer Stratmann RainerStratmann at t-online.de
Fri Aug 24 11:11:36 CEST 2012

Am Friday 24 August 2012 11:00:35 schrieb Tomas Hajny:
> On Fri, August 24, 2012 10:52, Rainer Stratmann wrote:
> > I try to be independend from lazarus and wrote a configure file which I
> > then
> > pass to fpc at the console.
> >
> > Now suddenly the linker is noteable slower.
> > In both modes (from lazarus and from console).
> >
> > Which reason can it have?
> Which platform and which compiler version is it? Do you use internal or
> external linker?

Os: Linux
Compiler Version: 2.4.2-0 i386

Sometimes there is the message:
/urs/bin/ld: warning: link.res contains output sections; did you forget -T?

Where can I see and/or configure if an internal or external linker is used?
I assume it is an external linker because of the message (/urs/bin/ld ...).

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