[fpc-pascal] TSQLDBLibraryLoader committed for SQLDB

Ludo Brands ludo.brands at free.fr
Wed Aug 22 13:50:15 CEST 2012

> Also, if I understand the mode of operation correctly, the 
> TSQLDBLibraryLoader, when enabled, loads the library before 
> the TxxxConnection tries to load it. But how can you be sure 
> TSQLDBLibraryLoader is streamed before a TxxxConnection that 
> has connected set to true
Previous message was sent before I finished it completely;)

Just produced a testcase where TSQLDBLibraryLoader is too late. Create new
app, drop TPQConnection, fill in all needed, save project, drop a
TSQLDBLibraryLoader on the form, enter PostGreSQL in ConnectionType, set
enabled true and TPQConnection.Connected:=true. Run program:
"Exception=Error reading SQLDBLibraryLoader1.ConnectionType:
SQLDBLibraryLoader1 : This operation is not allowed while the datatabase is
loaded" Reason: TPQConnection was already streamed and connection made with
the default lib.


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