OT: Re: [fpc-pascal] Malformed email messages

Mark Morgan Lloyd markMLl.fpc-pascal at telemetry.co.uk
Thu Aug 16 15:15:09 CEST 2012

microcode at zoho.com wrote:
> Is anybody else receiving mailformed emails from the list? 
> I've received several, most or all from Marco, with all with most of the
> headers appearing as text since there is an extra blank line between the
> X-Mailer header and the previous ones.
> On Thu, 16 Aug 2012 14:29:15 +0200 (CEST)
>  wrote:

I don't see any problem in the message here, and any message that is 
even slightly suspect gets rejected by our gateway- I'll fix that sometime.

I note that the headers you quote include a few X- headers that I don't 
see here:

 > X-Virus-Scanned: ClamAV using ClamSMTP
 > X-BeenThere: fpc-pascal at lists.freepascal.org
 > X-Mailman-Version: 2.1.5
 > X-Virus-Scanned: ClamAV using ClamSMTP

I can't remember whether our gateway is explicitly rejecting those but 
in any event I think that repeated header is suspect. Is your ISP doing 
extra scanning, and messing things up?

Mark Morgan Lloyd
markMLl .AT. telemetry.co .DOT. uk

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