[fpc-pascal] Re: Get all caller adresses of a given function/procedure before executing

Rainer Stratmann RainerStratmann at t-online.de
Thu Aug 16 13:49:40 CEST 2012

Am Thursday 16 August 2012 13:27:17 schrieb Lukasz Sokol:

> So from this POV, his process /is/ easier: he runs his program, and tells
> it to export strings to be translated, then loads 'snippets' on demand/on
> next execution.


> To Rainer: Please accept apologies, I did not mean to offend you - I just
> tried to find out more about your solution;

No need for an apology :-)

> But still not something I would use if I had a choice, I must note that.

> Reasons? Technically I don't think it's better to browse through
> executables. Requires knowledge /I/ don't have/find useful in plain
> everyday use of FPC - of its internals, assembler etc, processor opcodes...
> much too low-level for my comfortable liking. Every core change in FPC, may
> break it. You won't know until it happens. It won't work on any other
> processor/FPC target than x86 (Windows on ARM, Android, JAVA VM, to name
> just a few) without getting deep-level working knowledge of that first.

It may seems difficult. Sure there is time needed to check the code, but once 
you found the right opcodes it is easy.

And if the compiler provides the pointer information than it is "legal" and 
also works on/with other platforms/processors.

> All I mean, your solution won't do for /me/ that's it :)


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