[fpc-pascal] Re: fpdoc executable both in bin and utils\fpdoc - but not fpdoc.css

Reinier Olislagers reinierolislagers at gmail.com
Tue Aug 14 10:08:30 CEST 2012

On 14-8-2012 9:46, michael.vancanneyt at wisa.be wrote:
> On Tue, 14 Aug 2012, Reinier Olislagers wrote:
>> On 12-8-2012 10:35, Reinier Olislagers wrote:
>>> In my (Windows) SVN fpc installs, I can find the fpdoc executable both
>>> under the bin directory as well as utils\fpdoc
>>> However, I've only found fpdoc.css in utils\fpdoc (and a different one
>>> in packages\fcl-res\xml) but not in the bin directory.
>>> IIRC, fpdoc picks up fpdoc.css when generating HTML/CHM output.
>>> Shouldn't fpdoc.css be also present under the bin directory then?
> No. You're responsible for putting this file wherever it needs to be put.
Fine, I understand that, but what is fpdoc then doing in the bin directory?

Is it used in some other program?
This program presumably either:
- uses its own copy or version of the css file
- references the fpdoc.css in the utils\fpdoc directory (in which case:
why not use the fpdoc executable there)
- is not interested in the css file

I must still be missing something...


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