[fpc-pascal] Re: Get all caller adresses of a given function/procedure before executing

Rainer Stratmann RainerStratmann at t-online.de
Mon Aug 13 12:22:24 CEST 2012

Am Monday 13 August 2012 12:07:59 schrieb Lukasz Sokol:
> On 13/08/2012 10:09, Rainer Stratmann wrote:
> > If I put a ls('snippet') around all texts I now get every caller adress
> > (handle) and the text information 'snippet' itself. So before they are
> > called I can make a list with all handles and all translations.
> > When calling ls() I look in my handle list of caller adresses and find it
> > in array nr x where all translations were already made.
> Please forgive my attitude - but it looks like a very-low level and hence
> very inflexible and very un-Pascal solution to this problem. I think, this
> is what people were trying to suggest to you.

In summary I need only the handle (caller adress) and the text snippets. I got 
both information now! I admit that it looks like an un-Pascal solution. But 
actually it works perfect for me and is also very flexible for me. Because 
all the other functionality comes step by step and I am free to add the 
functionality I want. I prefer to program solutions myself.

Those who want to use other solutions can do so and be happy with it.

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