[fpc-pascal] help with synapse mime routines...

waldo kitty wkitty42 at windstream.net
Fri Feb 18 02:24:58 CET 2011

On 2/17/2011 18:16, Kevin Jesshope wrote:
> I think I have that right. I am working from memory now as I do not
> have the code before me.

i wanted to thank you again.. you gave me some hints that enabled me to propel 
myself much further than i've gone in the last week of floundering... in fact, 
i've reverse my flow process somewhat and now have a working win32 tool... YAY! 
but the real destination platform is OS/2, OS/2 EMX or "pure" DOS on OS/2...

my next problem is to get it compiling on my OS/2 box with FPC 2.4.2 and so far, 
that is not working... complaints of missing units and include files that i just 
don't know where to tell the compiler to look for... my development has been on 
a winXP box with the FPC 2.4.3 code pulled from SVN along with Lazarus code... 
however, i've not been working in the Lazarus environment at all... i pulled 
this and compiled it by following the instructions on the FPC wiki...

on my OS/2 box, i've tried targets of OS2 and OS2 with EMX but both have failed 
all kinds of ways... i suspect that it is simply to do with the paths to the 
units and include files... i have been able to get something going somewhat but 
then run into masses of "duplicate identifier" errors...

i'm just not sure where to turn now so out of frustration, i'm now pulling down 
the dos242full.zip of FPC and will be installing that to another directory on 
the OS/2 box... then it should be a simple matter of copying the project to 
another directory in there and giving it a kick in the arse to see what 
happens... hopefully i'll end up with a workable executable and my project with 
be, basically, at the end :)

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