[fpc-pascal] help with synapse mime routines...

Kevin Jesshope kevinofoz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 14:32:15 CET 2011

Hi Waldo,

I have now got the units so I can build and test your code properly.

The reason you are getting the exception is that when you free m1 at
line 66 you are not freeing the m1 you created at line 44, but the
subpart belonging to m. This means that when you finally free m it is
trying to free all the objects (mime parts) that it owns including the
one you already freed at line 66.

If you declare an m2 and use it at line 49 and 50 instead of the m1
all will be well.

You have to watch out for objects that are owned by other objects or
horrible things will happen!


Kevin Jesshope - In Touch Computer Support

>> can anyone assist with the reason for the exception?? i'm using the last
>> release code of synapse (download zip archive) with FPC 2.4.3... currently
>> on win32...

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