[fpc-pascal] Android calling JNI functions crash

de_jean_7777 de_jean_7777 at yahoo.com
Mon Feb 14 18:42:09 CET 2011

I've also forgot to mention the crosscompiler is a i386-win (under XP).

On 14.2.2011 18:28, de_jean_7777 wrote:
> Under Android I've tried running my native programs which works great. 
> However, If I try to call any of the JNI functions as received with 
> env (PJNIEnv, as the first argument of any native JNI function) I get 
> a crash. I've checked the pointers and they are not nil, but from what 
> I've been able to gather I get a SIGILL, ILLOPCODE signal.  At first I 
> thought I may have targeted the wrong cpu or fpu instruction set, so 
> I've targeted ARMv3 for cpu and SOFT for fpu, rebuilt the 
> crosscompiler but still no luck as I get the same crash. I'm not sure 
> why this is happening as I'm using FPU instruction in my program, and 
> they work. I've built the crosscompiler using the source from trunk 
> also with a compiler built from trunk. The headers I use for this were 
> provided by Benjamin Rosseaux with his Android JNI example, and the 
> BeRoXM app, who seems to have it working. Any help would be 
> appreciated. I've checked also and made a simple JNI test program, 
> which also crashes, so I'm suspecting it might have something to do 
> with the crosscompiler or something blatant I've missed.
> I've been at this last night for about 8 hours and am slowly going 
> insane.
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