[fpc-pascal] fpc binary port on aix: It's avaliable ?

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Mon Sep 27 12:28:52 CEST 2010

Hi Jonas,

Thanks for your update.

Could i ask the following questions?
What is blocking / slowing the AIX port ?
Lack of realease builder, lack of testers ?
Which contribution do you need ?

It's=A0 an egg chiken situation !!



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Objet=A0: Re: [fpc-pascal] fpc binary port on aix: It's avaliable ?

On 27 Sep 2010, at 10:20, phoebus phoebus wrote:

> Do you know if there are some binary port for aix ?

There is none.

> Do you know how build fpc on Aix platform ?

That is not possible at this time, because FPC has not been ported to AIX.

> I have a cc/g++ compiler or xlc compiler on the AIX platform.

FPC is written in its own language, so you need FPC to bootstrap it. The in=
itial =

version will have to be cross-compiled on another platform. However, before=
 that =

can be done, FPC has to be ported to AIX.

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