[fpc-pascal] readonly variables

Marco van de Voort marcov at stack.nl
Mon Nov 30 10:29:27 CET 2009

In our previous episode, Anthony Walter said:
> > "Allows" is not the same as "forces". This line in the help file does not
> > say that const parameters are passed by reference. It says that it may often
> > be so, perhaps all current implementations make it so, but it is by no means
> > guaranteed.
> Martin Schreiber also chimed in, pointing out:
> http://bit.ly/6uaAiB
> "Larger sets, records, and static arrays are passed as 32-bit pointers
> to the value."
> The documentation is unambiguous there. Claiming that it doesn't have
> anything to say on the subject is patently false.

As per what? OS ABI? Delphi rules?

That's the problem with relying on Delphi docs for these kinds of things,
there is no difference made there what is implementation defined (e.g.
x86isms, windows ABI isms like COM compatibility etc), and what not.

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