[fpc-pascal] readonly variables

M Pulis toothpic at fastq.com
Sun Nov 29 22:12:30 CET 2009

On Nov 28, 2009, at 1:15 PM, Anthony Walter wrote:

>> This is not guaranteed in any way. It happens to be so most of the  
>> time,
>> but your code should never assume this is so, except for global  
>> Ansistring
>> variables.
> If all globals weren't initialized to 0 a lot of code from lots of
> people would potentially be in trouble. I've been using Pascal/Delphi
> for a very long time. Trust me I know my stuff.

For what its Wirth....

None of our code ass-u-me-s (nor requires) initialization of _our_  
globals (or locals) by any compiler or OS; all of our globals and  
locals are specifically initialized. Helps us survive the shifting  
Macintosh pascal compiler scene with 1988 source code.

Before that I used Pascal at Honeywell, 1978-1988; all variables were  
initialized by their programs, not the OS, not the compiler.


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