[fpc-pascal] One experience with the unit serial

Holger Bruns holger.bruns at gmx.net
Thu Nov 19 15:16:33 CET 2009

Gustavo Enrique Jimenez schrieb:
>> Thank you for your answer. I played with different baud rates. The sender
>> delivers a stream of bytes. The faster a transmission rate is, the less
>> amount of data can be received. This leds me to two conclusions: At first,
>> there must be a queue for incoming data despite I ruled out a queue with an
>> inbuffer with the length 1. Secondly, a timeout error appeared, the sender
>> gave up. For now, I try to solve this problem with slower baud rates. Since
>> iopl is still not available to fpc in its 64-bit-version, I should move to c
>> for future port programming.
> Despite queues an baud rates, you must expect data loss.  You will
> loss data in the physical layer. You have to implement some handshake
> to prevent it. (using google translator, excuse my english).
> Gustavo

Which can be done through a direct port access and some lines of code in 
assembler language. The second idea I have is the use of the device 
files /dev/ttySx, but how can these files be used to get access to all 
of the registers of an uart?


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