[fpc-pascal] How to solve "Conversion between ordinals and pointers is not portable"

Graeme Geldenhuys graeme at mastermaths.co.za
Tue Nov 17 10:38:37 CET 2009

Jonas Maebe wrote:
>> How to I solve this compiler hint?
> Don't cast ordinals to pointers.


> Replace the PtrUInt types casts with PByte (or Pointer) type casts.

So in that case because a untyped parameters are treated like generic
Pointer types whereby arithmetic increments in byte size, I don't
actually need any type casts the parameters at all?  Is the code below
safe?  It seem to work fine in our projects and data.

procedure XorBlock(var InData1, InData2; Size: longword);
  i: longword;
  for i:= 1 to Size do
    Pbyte(@InData1+i-1)^ :=
       Pbyte(@InData1+i-1)^ xor

  - Graeme -

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