[fpc-pascal] Missing functions in FPCMacOSAll.pas

Tobias Giesen tobias_subscriber at tgtools.com
Sun Jul 19 15:14:47 CEST 2009


frequently I need to use a function that is missing in FPCMacOSAll.pas.
Trying to declare it myself usually results in successful compilation
and linking, but most of the time the functions crash at run time. So
I wonder if these are not implemented or if I declare them wrong.

Today I need the function FSMountServerVolumeSync and I declared it
like this:
function FSMountServerVolumeSync(const url:CFURLRef;
     const mountDir:CFURLRef;
     const user:CFStringRef;
     const password:CFStringRef;
     const mountedVolumeRefNum:FSVolumeRefNumPtr):OSStatus;
  external name '_FSMountServerVolumeSync';

It compiles and links but it crashes (access violation).

What am I doing wrong? Is this only for Cocoa? How can I make it

Previously, I have been successful with the following function:

function LSOpenItemsWithRole(
           const (*var*) inRef: FSRef;
           const inItemCount: CFIndex;
           const inRole: LSRolesMask;
           const inAEParam: UInt32; 
           const inAppParams: LSApplicationParameters;
           const outPSNs: ProcessSerialNumberPtr;
           const inMaxPSNCount: CFIndex
           ): OSStatus;
external name '_LSOpenItemsWithRole';

This function, too, is listed as available in MacOS X but not
available in CarbonLib. 

What's the difference between these two functions, I wonder ...


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