[fpc-pascal] XML with lazarus UTF8 problem

Henrik Genssen henrik.genssen at mediafactory.de
Mon Jul 6 11:28:07 CEST 2009

using UTF8Encode / UTF8Decode does not make any change
I used that already - even leaving it out does not work.



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>date: 06.07.2009 12:42:46
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>subject: Re: [fpc-pascal] XML with lazarus UTF8 problem
>Henrik Genssen raše:
>> Hi,
>> I am using DOM and XMLRead units for parsing XML files.
>> The XML file is UTF-8. The text-nodes in the file contain german umlaute.
>> The file is valid XML!
>> When it try to get the textnodes containing german umlaute, I get an empty string, although
>> the length of the string seems to be correct.
>> I uses Lazarus from trunk this morning, FPC 2.2.4.
>> I even tried fcl-xml from FPC svn trunk with no changes...
>> -- Hinnack
>  Maybe this helps you:
>  I solved this problem by using UTF8Decode/UTF8Encode routines to 
>convert between UTF8 <-> Widestring.
>   Valdas Jankunas
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