[fpc-pascal] Re: KeyPressed

Lowell C. Savage savage at lanl.gov
Mon Aug 29 18:50:06 CEST 2005

Thanks!  That was it.  I had been working on removing the video unit.  I 
put it back in and yanked the drivers unit.  Now it works.  (Although I'm 
not sure if the program actually does use CGA graphics in another part of 
the program--in case it does, I'd appreciate any ideas people would have.)

Thanks again, Tomas!

Tomas Hajny wrote, in part:
>Yes - it's specifically Crt plus Drivers (which in turn uses Keyboard
>and Mouse units), which interfere. Crt should be rewritten to use
>unit Keyboard for ReadKey and KeyPressed implementation - this should
>probably resolve most of the problems. The other part (Crt accessing
>console independently of the Video unit) isn't good design, but
>shouldn't be causing your problems.

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