[fpc-pascal] Linking Pascal code to C/C++ static libraries under Windows

Lowell C. Savage savage at lanl.gov
Wed Aug 17 16:54:15 CEST 2005

Marco, replying to me, wrote in part:
> > The Problem:
> >
> > The problem is that I can't seem to figure out how to get FPC to link to
> > static libraries.  FPC's linker won't look for the "Wrapper.lib".  It
> > either wants "Wrapper.dll" or "Wrapper.lib.dll".  I can compile wrapper.c
> > to an object module (in Visual C 6.0) and FPC will link to that object
> > file.
>FPC is link compatible with GCC, not with VC. IOW, recompile your sources
>with GCC.

I can only do that for a small part (the wrapper C code that I wrote).  The 
main libraries were done by another company and they have the source--not 
me.  I didn't understand the part about link compatibility--thanks, that 
helps!  Now that I do, I know anything other than a DLL is a dead end, at 
least with FPC.

Another possibility might be to use Delphi for the Pascal side.  Any 
thoughts?  It sounds like there are a few people on this list who have some 
experience with Delphi.  Would I be able to compile my TP code (with 
perhaps minor mods) and link it to Win32 static libraries for which I only 
have the compiled libraries and header files?


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