[fpc-pascal] need info about codepages

Andriy Bench abench at postmark.net
Mon Aug 8 12:56:01 CEST 2005

Dear, Sirs.
Please,describe using -Fc<x> and -Fr<y> compiler command line
switches in depth.
I need russian code for sources and russian compiler messages under
win32 platform.
Which values I should substitude against x and y?
And where i could load ukrainian messages file?
With regards, Andriy Bench.

      Andriy Bench, PhD, professor assistant.
       Lviv Polytechnic National University 
Institute of Telecommunications, Radioelectronics
            and Electronic Engineering 
Theoretical Radioengineering and Radiomeasurements
         12, Bandery str.,Lviv,Ukraine,79013
tel (380.322) 398-088  e-mail:abench at postmark.net

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