[fpc-pascal] Help Files in v2.0.0

Arturo Gonzalez Rivera grarturo at gorsa.net.mx
Sat Aug 6 03:35:04 CEST 2005

"Help about help" :

Sorry for the question, and certainly "some-many" have asked for the help
files, I think the answer is too simple and with not big problem, but I
can't wait longer to ask...

"I would like to know if there is a special file to be
installed/configured for the IDE included in ver. 2.0.0, I recently
installed this version and I find "No help files installed.. where are
this help files?"

I am using i386-win32 install file (21 MBytes).

Best Regards.


Ing. Arturo G. Rivera.
Gorsa Xalapa Eqz., Ver., Mexico.
Tel. +52+228+8123442

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